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From the Chairperson: Goals & Vision 2018 / 2019

Tahira Shaffi

Tahira Shaffi

Each new Chair brings their own vision and energy to the role and I am excited about the different projects that we at the SPG are working on and new ideas to engage with our members.

Some of the projects that we are currently working on include the ongoing development and improvement of our website to provide more enhanced features, further support to our local groups, topical regional seminars, networking events, supporting new start-up firms and offering both training and support to our members’ firms.

We continue to provide this support at no cost to our members and work hard to maintain free membership and we are very proud of this achievement.

As many of you will be aware my practice is based in Greater Manchester and it is my goal to involve as many SP’s from across all regions so everyone can feel and be a positive part of the SPG.

As part of that aim, the 23rd Annual Conference 5-7th April 2019 will be in Manchester and I look forward to everyone’s contribution in making our Conference a success. The venue and details of the Conference will be confirmed in the upcoming weeks. Please do save the dates and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. Further details will be published on the website http://spg.uk.com/ and you should soon be able to register your interest.

The city of Manchester is a dynamic, vibrant place and it has something to offer for everyone. Museums in Manchester are free to visit; there is a free bus service and good transport systems (including the Metrolink) around the city centre and the museums. There is history, culture, science and industry and art. It has an amazing nightlife, shopping and places to eat. As well as all of this we are hoping you will have a Conference which is useful and informative.

Looking ahead as the profession faces significant challenges brought upon by planned reforms we at the SPG continue to provide support to SP’s to make sure their voice is not lost in the process. We continue to consult with the SRA, Law Society and other stakeholders to ensure that consideration is given to the impact the changes in the profession will have upon our membership.

We will continue to campaign for access to justice which we believe is a fundamental right and as such, we work closely with other representative bodies and actively make representations and raise concerns with government policy.

SP’s are a fundamental link in the access to justice due to their size, accessibility and competitiveness as well as providing a wide range of legal services across all areas including local communities, business (local and international), NGO’s and organisations.

We will continue to campaign to protect the ‘solicitor’ brand which is slowly being eroded by planned changes at the cost of consumer protection and we will continue to raise concerns of our members to improve the current system and to ensure that their voice is heard.

Warmest Regards

Tahira Shaffi

Please contact me at t.shaffi@mikhaellaw.com