Regional Groups

There are a number of Regional Groups around the Country and details of your nearest Group Contact can be found on our Regional Groups Contact page.

These groups meet regularly and provide an excellent opportunity to meet other sole practitioners, exchange information and ideas, keep up to date with the latest developments, network and even pass referrals to each other. Please contact the Representative in your area for further details and information.

If there is no existing Regional Group in your area, or your Regional Group has been dormant for some time, and you are willing to set up a Group or resurrect it, then SPG can assist you. We will be able to assist with funding meetings, provide you with details of other Sole Practitioners in your area and help you to contact speakers. You will have to arrange a date and time, book a venue and set up the meeting. If there has been no previous existing Regional Group in your area, then we can assist with the first email contact to other Sole Practitioners giving details of the meeting. Thereafter it will be up to you to arrange the meetings on a regular basis, but we will provide some financial assistance with funding future meetings.


Details of all Regional Group Events are listed on the Events page, which is a diary of all forthcoming SPG events and meetings around the country. These will also state who you should contact if you are interested in attending.